September 20, 2014

Paislee’s 6 month photos! Birmingham AL baby photographer

I can’t believe this girl is already 6 months old!!! It’s crazy! She is so adorable! I always have so much fun with her grandma when we have shoots. Love my Grow with Me babies! She cried….A LOT, we discovered sweet girl doesn’t like grass. So, I believe we will be sticking to studio sessions from here on out! ;) Look at some of my favorites from her session!





Paislee6Months-9 copy

Lane Weichman
Birmingham AL baby photographer

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September 15, 2014

Brody | Birmingham AL newborn photography

I’m so glad that this shoot got to happen! We almost didn’t get a chance to do it, and I’m glad we did! I think it’s pretty cool that Brody and his parents are sort of my neighbors! They live right down the road from us, so they didn’t have to travel far at all! ;) He was such a dream baby and let me pose him however for half of his session…then he decided he wanted to be AWAKE!! We finally got a few awake shots and some more once I swaddled him up nicely, of course! He’s so adorable. Check out his pics!



Brody-13 copy

Brody-7 copy






Brody-3 copy

Birmingham AL newborn photography
Lane Weichman Photography

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September 14, 2014

Colton’s 18 month creek session | Birmingham AL baby photographer

I got to hang out with Colton on his actual 18 month birthday! His mamma really wanted this location and worked hard to get permission for us to photograph there. I am so in love with it it’s ridiculous! I have to shoot here more! There are so many different places I’d like to try shooting here. Anyway, Colton was all smiles when his mom let him explore this creek and play! He is ADORABLE, I can’t even stand it. This was supposed to be a mini session, and normally I don’t blog my mini sessions, but, it turned into a full session when I realized how awesome it was! So, here are a few of my favorites from the session.


Colton18months-1crop Colton18months-18 Colton18months-4 Colton18months-5 Colton18months-10 copy Colton18months-3 Colton18months-13 Colton18months-22


Lane Weichman Photography
Birmingham AL baby photographer

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