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Springville Alabama photographer

As an artist, it’s super important to grow, to try new things, to work on editing in a different way or scout out new locations. If you don’t evolve as a photographer, you’ll forever be stuck in unfulfilling work. I take a lot of photos of my girls! But their photoshoots are where experimentation as a photographer happens. I can confidently try new things after practicing with them.

They are typically wonderful subjects. We work quickly and we generally play games or goof off while shooting. I take so many photos of them I cannot possibly ever print them all or hang them up on the walls. I have to pick favorites, and I think these pear blossom photos are a favorite. If I can find some space in my house, I’ll be hanging them up!

This year has been a life changing year, I’m sure most of you feel the same way. I always envied homeschool moms for committing and for having the patience to deal with their kids 24/7. It was something I wanted to try but was scared. Our world experiencing a pandemic gave me the push to try it out. I feel like it’s made me appreciate life so much more!

You always hear the saying “You won’t be on your death bed saying I wish I’d worked that extra day” and I feel like however long we are in this homeschool journey, I’ll never regret the hours I get to spend with my girls. I won’t regret the fun we have! We put work into getting along and getting to know what works and what doesn’t work at home.

As much as I cringe admitting this (and I’m getting a little teary typing it too), I was “too busy” as a mom before covid. My head was forever in multiple places at once. I really wasn’t there mentally even when I was spending time with the kids. I don’t know if this is something other busy moms struggle with too. Is it? It’s still a struggle for me, but knowing that my day consists of a few uninterrupted hours with my kids means intentionality for me, and wow, fulfillment as a person, as a mom. Anyways, on to these pictures of my girls. These blooming trees give me the hope of warm summer nights and pool days – cannot wait!

Springville alabama photographer
Springville alabama photographer
Springville alabama photographer

Springville Alabama photographer
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