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I'm a wife, mom to 3 amazing daughters (11,7,4) and I love Jesus. I feel so lucky to wake up and get to do what I do every day. I feel honored to share your special memories and milestones. I like to keep things simple. If you like what you see in my portfolio, you're going to love your photos. I believe it's so important to be able to give you quality photos so that your family can look back for the rest of your lives and have those special times captured. I look forward to creating wonderful memories for you!

i'm lane. I am 33 years old. i love making art, squishy newborns, my roomy minivan, summer days with my family, the beatles, and shopping for my girls.

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So often, we get caught up in our busy lives and forget that our memories and photos are the best way we have to look back at our lives. I don't ever want you to forget the little characteristics that make up your family and hope that through my photos, you can remember and cherish them forever. 


Family is everything to me, and I know it is to you too. That quirky little grin your toddler makes or the last few years of having a young child before they hit teenage years, these are moments we can't ever get back, but I can be there to photograh your family exactly where they are in life, so you won't ever forget these moments. Things come and go, but photos last forever. It is my joy to be able to photograph your family, your baby, even your fresh arrival at the hospital before you head home and help show the love you have for your famiy through my camera. 

portrait sessions
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Squishy cheeks. Tiny fingers, tiny toes, and pouty lips. These are details that I know as parents, we don't ever want to forget. I offer four different collections for you to decide what your wants and needs are for a session. 

mini sessions
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Milestones come and go so quickly. When your baby starts sitting or crawling, I want to document that for you. Milestone Mini Sessions are a quick and easy way to do that. 

Family Mini Sessions are a quicker, simpler way to photograph your family. This is great for the yearly photos your family does, the seasonal pictures, or specialty mini sessions I offer throughout the year. 

newborn collections
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*currently only accepting newborn clients for the remainder of 2020.*

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