The Richey girls – Lane Weichman Photography, Birmingham alabama child photographer

Oh my goodness! These girls are adorable!! I had the opportunity to spend a little bit of time with these three girls and their parents. First of all, their mom made their dresses…AREN’T THEY CUTE?! (Also, I see myself trading services soon! Gotta keep my kids cute too!) Avery is 5 months old, and was just the sweetest and cutest little thing! She just stared at me. Also, her two older sisters, who are twins, and 3 and a half, are so silly and cute! They were so well behaved and listened extremely well! I always love taking pictures of the 2-3 year olds that are so well behaved! Anyway….onto the photos! ENJOY!

Richey-1 copy Richey-23 Richey-5 copy Richey-14 Richey-10 copy Richey-12 Richey-15 Richey-22 Richey-16 copy copy Richey-18 Richey-25 copy copy Richey-27Lane Weichman Photography
Birmingham alabama child photographer

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