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Favorite Photos of 2015 – Every year, I try to do a big collage of one photo from each of my sessions. This year I have had more sessions than I’ve ever had before, so I tried to narrow it down to my favorite client photos of this year. I have different reasons for all of them being my favorites…most of them are newborns, they are generally my favorite subjects to photography…so I thought I’d share them! In no particular order, here are just SOME of my favorite photos from 2015!

This was such an awesome smile to catch from a newborn…I just LOVE this photo!!

I chose this picture for a couple of reasons. This was my first set of twins, and I was super happy to nail this pose (with the help of my friend Lindsey @ Lindsey Walker Photography, of course!) so it was also a technical/personal reason I loved it.


The colors and the sunlight in this picture are just perfect. Angela (the subject!) always says she isn’t photogenic but manages to be the most gorgeous subject in all the photos I’ve taken (and it’s been a lot!) and it seems to come so naturally.


This is one of those moments that you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. I adore this, so so much and the mom is absolutely beautiful!

This picture was something I was really envisioning for a long time before the shoot. We talked about a neutral colored maternity gown, and when we decided to shoot at this location, we walked a bit into the woods to this creek and walked out into the middle…just a gorgeous spot and the white contrasts against the fall foliage so well.

I have loved all of Henry’s sessions but I had to add in a photo from his cake smash. His dad painted the most amazing collage for his Pooh themed birthday. I adore the colors and feel like I’ll never have a cake smash as awesome as this one! 😉

I was excited to do a Fresh 48 session for Brett, but once again, this was just pure luck that Brett smiled when his mom was holding him here. I chose to put it in black and white just because I love the drama of it, but I really like this moment.

I chose this photo because a few reasons. First, it’s my best friend and her husband, and they’re probably the two most photogenic and natural people in front of a camera, so they always make photographing them easy. Second, she wanted a way to announce her pregnancy with a bicycle, and we did some digging and found some similar photos, and just made it our own! I just love this!

I chose this photo because it’s my favorite sibling photo, ever! Those who photograph newborns know how difficult photographing the siblings can be…these two made it super easy and sweet.

I chose this photo because I adore this pose with the dad, but this is probably my favorite to date of this pose. It really shows how tiny your baby is, and my hope is that families will look back and be able to remember their newborns this way thanks to these photos.

Favorite Photos of 2015
This was such a fun request. I usually don’t do a lot of shots like this but we had such a wonderful baby girl and she made it easy! I love knowing this was not shot in a huge studio but in a spare bedroom in my house! 🙂

Favorite Photos of 2015
This was my 2nd twin session and their mom just let me have fun with their session. I love these little bear hats and love any newborns in animal bonnets, so naturally, two is better than 1! 😉

I really enjoyed this shot…first, she’s smiling, and this was me experimenting with posing and adding textures into an image. It’s something I’m still working and playing around with but I feel like it works here.

Favorite Photos of 2015
I shot this at the beginning of 2015. I had just been mentored the month before and had a model call. This little one was challenging, but as soon as I wrapped him up here he fell right asleep. I love the grey on grey and his little feet.

I love the fall colors and this rustic bed here. This was easily one of my favorite newborn photos this year.

Thank you so much if you made it this far into seeing my Favorite Photos of 2015 ! I am sure I have missed a ton, and I might have to add more in later, but wanted to go ahead and share this.
Thank you all so much for an amazing year. Seriously. I would never have imagined I would meet so many amazing clients and friends and be so blessed to have a busy and insanely awesome wonderful job!!

– Lane

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